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Gaza water system ‘completely collapsed’


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The lack of water or sanitation could soon become equally “dangerous” as the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza, according to a member of Doctors without Borders, known by its French initials MSF.

“The water system isn’t working anymore – it has completely collapsed,” Ricardo Martinez, who spent four weeks in Gaza during the war, said in an interview posted on the aid group’s website.

“People are being pushed to the limit, having to fight for their survival. At most, people have one litre of water per day – that’s for drinking, washing and cooking,” added Martinez, a logistics coordinator for MSF.

In addition to the lack of water, he said some places in Gaza were without any fuel or electricity, further compounding the challenges faced by residents.

“Without fuel, the grinding mills are not working, so nobody has wheat – no wheat, no food. Trucks coming from Egypt are offloading aid to trucks in Gaza, but without fuel, these trucks are unable to move and distribute the aid,” he noted.


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